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Our story

The Pantry Providores opened with the mission of offering healthy, flavoursome, organic and theraputic foods with the finest of ingredients.

We support Australian growers and manufacturers as evident in many of the products we supply.

Since we first started operating we’ve developed a loyal fan base that is just as particular about good food and health as we are! 

Come on down and meet us in person at one of our local market days !!

About Us

The Pantry Providores offers a selection of gourmet, organic and healthy wellbeing foods.

Australian Harvest and Be Sana are our flagship products offering a selection of Oils, Vinegars, Chutneys, Sauces, Mustards, Jams and Fruit Pastes.

Australian Harvest's famous Horseradish Vinegar is a therapeutic tonic for Hayfever, Sinus,Colds,Flu and Gut Health.The Vinegar can also be used in your cooking and as a fabulous dressing.

Our Bio-Curcumin pure organic is a natural strong anti-inflammatory extracted from turmeric and used with great success by many of our customers.

Be Sana's Range includes;

  • Our very popular MCT oil available in C-8 and C-8/10.

  • Quality Organic Virgin (centrifuged} Coconut Oil

  • Organic Black Seed Oil known for its high abundance of anti-oxidants, respiratory health and immune support.

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